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10/08/2020 You're the best!
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"It was 20 minutes between the time I called and the time your guy knocked on my door. He replaced our springs fast and now our door and motor work even better (what did he do?). We had springs replaced, at our last house through another service and I'm pretty sure we paid double what you charged. So so so happy with your service."

03/05/2020 Thank you!
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"Charles, your commitment to the work you do in our complex is appreciated. Our residents appreciate you and your work. I frequently get positive feedback on both. Thank you!"

02/24/2020 Reasonable Prices
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"Another service came out and quoted a staggering price for new springs. Then, after I declined, listened to an extensive justification for the high price. As they were pulling away my neighbor came over and recommended Charles. Absolutely no nonsense. He measured the springs and quoted what I thought was a reasonable price. Our door has never worked better."

01/14/2020 The Only One
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"We have properties from Santa Clarita to Camarillo. This guy is the only one I call for our garage door needs."

01/10/2020 Happy with the Work
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"I'm happy with the work and appreciate not having to sit through a sales pitch. Charles identified the problem and gave me a price. I said yes and he did the work. Simple."

01/08/2020 Thanks
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"On time, fixed it, works great thanks."

01/03/2020 Great Job Chas!
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"Super happy with the work Charles did for me. I was disappointed that he didn't take credit cards so I sent him away. Then I got other estimates and called him back immediately. No joke, he was a third less than the others and a whole lot more pleasant."

12/20/2019 Mom's Happy
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"I've used Charles for years so when I went to my Mom's house in Burbank and found that her garage had not been working in some time, I called Charles out. He replaced the springs which had broken and then it was discovered the gear had stripped on the opener. He fixed both the same day. Mom says he was a pleasure to do business with."

12/02/2019 Saved us Money
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"Having to deal with service companies is no fun. It's nice to have found Charles who seems to be from a different era. YES, I recommend him."

11/29/2019 What a Difference
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"My old Genie garage door openers were loud as a couple of Banshees. The new openers are so quiet, now I have to check my garage door app notifications to see if my wife got home. Charles even fixed our screeching garage doors so the whole package is quiet. We are so pleased."

11/18/2019 Thanks for the Help
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"Thanks for your help resolving the issues our tenants were having. You're one of the easiest and most responsive garage door companies we have dealt with. Suffice to say, you're in the rolodex!"

We Haven't Had a Problem Since
5 / 5 5 Star Garage Door Company
"We had two garage doors installed by another company, from day one they had problems. The other company did send someone out many times but never solved the underlying problems. Charles spent an hour adjusting the garage doors and we haven't had a problem since. That was six months ago. I wanted to make sure the repair would last before writing my review. "

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